Attacking the turtle

Note: If opponent is in turtle and somehow you got to a place where you are standing with one foot behind hir butt (between hir feet): THIS IS BAD! S/he can summersault and leglock you. To prevent: put your knee down so that the knee is on the outside of hir leg and the foot in, it messes up hir ability to summersault.

Sprawl N/S on top of turtle, crossface go to the side, switch feet, "sash" grip, pull the guy over and take the back. You need to glue butt to mat close to opponent to avoid ending up on your back as you roll him. Also note: if opponent is defending your hooks, start choking hir. S/he should reach up to grab your forearm, and then you can slip the hook in on that side. Further note: make sure to keep hooks at different levels once you get them in.

If the turtle is clamped closed all around, crank one of hir elbows out just enough to get a foot in, then dive-roll.
Opponent turtles. Now you can go to the side, grab the far leg and knee, and plow hir over to take side control. Use your head to push on hir ribs to help shove.

You can also crossface and grab the far lapel, or the far arm, or even the head. There are many things you can grab. But remember to pay attention to the two far-side posts.


Opponent is in turtle. You hang off the side, near shin parallel to hir shin, far leg posted out straight. Hold both of opponent's lapels under armpits.

Do a little hop and switch legs, so that your formerly FAR leg's shin is now against's opponent's shin. The other leg should be knee-up behind the turtle. Do not throw this leg over the opponent.

Sit back and pull opponent between your legs. Do not lie down on your back. Get both hooks. Have your feet flexed, and keep them on two different levels.

Open collar with one hand and reach OVER opponent's arm to grip deep with the other hand. Grab pants at the knee with the first hand. DO NOT LET GO OF THE PANTS!!!!!!

Use that pants grip to lift opponent's leg as you roll hir onto her side ("pillow side", the side that you have your arm wrapped around hir head). Now you are kneeling over hir with one foot on the mat in front of hir belly button, and the other knee on the mat behind hir head. Do not let go of the pants!

Bring the behind-the-head leg around as you sit, and now you have both legs wrapped around your prisoner's chest. If you can trap one or both arms, so much the better. Choke.

If opponent reaches a hand up to try to pry off your arm, Let go of the choke and trap the arm. Armbar. Still: Do not let go of the pants!

Turtled opponent. You are hanging off the side, facing the same direction. Your near hand- place it on the back of opponent's head and press it down on the mat. Your other hand goes under opponent's near armpit and grabs the wrist of your first hand figure-4 style. Sprawl and tiptoe around opponent's head. The under-the-armpit hold should flip hir onto her side/back and allow you to take side control. Keep the weight on.

Turtled opponent. You are hanging off the side, facing the same direction. Arm nearest opponent- reach over hir back and under the far armpit. (Don't get too deep/committed with this hand, or it'll get trapped!) Grab the collar and shake it out so that you can feed it to your near hand- which is going right under opponent's chin.

Now: take that arm that's over opponent's back and grab hir far wrist, pull it toward hir body. Sprawl and choke. You can also sit out if need be.

Alternately: instead of the wrist, you can grab the other lapel. Sprawl and choke.

If the opponent posts up on arms: Take that arm that's over the opponent's back and wrap it under hir far armpit. The back of your hand is pressed to the front of hir bicep. Stand up and wrap your FAR leg over hir NEAR arm. Roll diagonally over hir head. As you roll, wrap your second leg around that trapped arm as well. (Pay attention to the placement of the opponent's BODY during the roll- you don't want hir to end up between your legs- or lying on one of them- and thus out one of your legs effectively out of commission, which FUBAR's the next step.)

Now, if you have done this correctly, opponent is CRUCIFIED. Grab your own collar to help keep that arm trapped. If you can't finish the choke from here, you can switch your leg formation, hip out a bit, and use your topmost leg to wedge the knee behind hir head.

Hook hand on back of opponent's neck, snap down. Grab guillotine-esque hold on that side.

With your other hand, push opponent's arm across hir own chest. (If hir arm is posted straight, do NOT shove it in- serious injury potential- but you can hike hir up a titch with the neck hold and THEN shove it across).

Gable grip. You don't want to be right in the armpit, but far enough down so that s/he can't move the arm around. Snug it all in real tight. Tighten as much as you can before you roll. You can use your fingers to "crawl" your hand up the opponent's arm toward the big round patch on the back of hir gi.

Place head on mat under your joined hands and gator roll. Run your feet around and wrap them in opponent's legs. SQUEEZE. Note that you can roll either way. To make life easier, just make sure the back of your head is going to hit the mat first- that way you don't have to pause and burn brain cells for ten minutes trying to figure out which cheek to lay on the opponent's back to avoid rolling the opponent over your own face and breaking your nose.

Same opening as above: you are kneeling facing opponent, hook hand behind head, snap down, get head and arm. This time: gable grip. You now have a sort of baseball-bat-esque arm formation, with your forearm pressed on the back of hir head.

Tighten and suck in, then pull opponent forward a bit so that ideally s/he is faceplanting on the mat.

Press and twist with that forearm on the back of hir head to put hir down (Jalen was doing a complete somersault, I was just kind of flopping over on my side like a dog that'd been shot- which confused me at first, but either was fine. I did need to visualize the somersault in order to remember exactly where to apply pressure).

Now, the arm that is under opponent's head- inch that through a bit more until you can do an "RNC" formation with your arms and squeeze. If you need to, you can sink your own body down toward the mat to finish.

You are sprawled N/S on opponent's turtle. Cross your arm over your own chest and place your forearm against the side of opponent's neck before scooting around (keep your weight down on hir). Get double-under lapel grips.

Switch your base so that you are sitting on the thigh FURTHEST from the opponent. Pull hir into your back mount. Be sure to get both hooks in.

With right arm, reach OVER opponent's shoulder and grab opposite lapel. With other hand, grab hir pantleg.

Lie down on your side (away from pantleg grip) and kick your matward leg back. If you can now get upright, you are in S mount. (you really have to do everything quickly and utilize the momentum from the lie-down-and-kick.) Be sure to cinch the front shin right up against your opponent's chest, and your back leg right up against hir shoulderblades.

!!!!!!DO NOT LET GO OF THE PANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do not lie down on your back! Remain upright, posture up for bow-and-arrow.
Opponent is turtles, you sprawl N/S and then spin to side. Place your hip against hir hip.
Now reach under hir chest with both arms and grab hir far arm. You have to get your near shoulder right UNDER hir. S/he posts the leg out on the other side to keep you from shoving hir over. You swing your foot out in front of hir head, then swing it back hard and PULL opponent's upper body with you.
Get in side control, staying heavy, but keep both of hir arms trapped under your arm. Turn slightly toward hir feet, pull on hir pants, front mount.
Pull up on opponent's head and slide your body around behind hir shoulders. Secure back mount. Make sure both hooks are in.

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