Escapes from turtle

You are in turtle. Opponent is sprawled on your shoulders NS.

Poke your head up beside hir ribs on one side. with your OPPOSITE side hand, grab hir knee/pantleg on the side that your head is poking out.

Post out with your leg on the side that your head is poking out.

With the other, bring it under you and sit through on the back of your hip. You do not need to raise your body and bench-press the person up during any of this- you can stay hunched low. When you sit out, you need to end with your body all the way out from under the opponent. Sit out, kicking your Rt leg far out straight and landing on your RT buttock. While you sit out, post with your rt arm and throw your left up violently like you are hailing a cab. Your left shoulder and the left back of your head should be against opponent's ribs. Turn swiftly and take the back. (If you can snake your rt arm around opponent's near leg as you turn, so much the better.)

You are in turtle. Opponent is sprawled on your shoulders NS.  Perhaps s/he is scooted too far ahead on you.

Grab one of hir legs and scoot your body forward (still low, still turtled) till you are under hir pelvis.

 Bring yourself upright on your knees, adding your second hand to brace the same leg. Now you are in a "wheelbarrow" position with the opponent, only you are turned the wrong way.

So turn around (toward the leg that you are holding). There are several ways s/he could fall. Try to pin the legs and get overtop of them.

Opponent is on hir belly (this is a wrestling thing). You are mounted on hir back. Use left arm to press hir cheek to the mat. Crossface with rt arm. Dismount and go to the side. As you do this, place your left hand between opponent's knees.

Post on your left hand, and tiptoe around toward opponent's head side, dragging hir head along with you (still crossfaced). You want to use your entire body to force the opponent to curl up so that you can gable grip your hands.

Once you are gable gripped, sit out and shrimp your butt out so that you can maneuver opponent onto hir back. Your matward knee should be in hir back. Your face should be buried in hir shoulder.

 Opponent is on hir belly. You are mounted on hir back. Use rt arm to press hir cheek to the mat. Go UNDER hir arm with your left arm. (You should not do this too close to the opponent's armpit, or s/he will simply seal hir arm to hir ribs and trap your hand.) Dismount on that same side, and shove your arm all the way up to your armpit (it is between opponent's shoulder and neck) as you tiptoe forward and smear your body along hirs to roll hir over on hir back.

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