Front mount


Tiny people should not plaster ourselves to the opponent, but stay mobile on top to defend getting rolled.

Cross-collar choke from mount: keep elbows in. Roll hands inward, pull elbows to belly button, you can also lift the person's head off the mat or bow your own forward.

Keylock from mount. Try pinning opponent's hand to the mat further out- your elbow need not be touching the opponent's ear. When the hand is pinned further out, it only takes a tiny lift to the elbow to produce a tap.

Get higher, shoving the opponent's elbows up. Fully utilize all my posts, and not be afraid to move them around to try to defend the roll. You can use your head to post. You can also pull the opponent's head off the mat, which makes it harder for hir to bridge.

Isolating one arm/shoulder can give you an opening to an armbar or mounted triangle.

Get one deep cross collar grip and then hang onto it. Keep the opponent defending chokes, because every time s/he put hir hands up to defend the choke, you can wiggle up into hir armpits a little more. Be sure to get the cross-collar choke grips as DEEP AS POSSIBLE!

Ezekiel from mount. Hug opponent's head with left arm. Place your right hand at opponent's ear. Left hand grabs inside your own right sleeve cuff. Make a blade hand with little finger toward opponent's tender, juicy throat. Pull a titch to the side with the elbow that is on the ground (this is key!). Roll your blade arm into the throat. squeeze and pull up.  You need not grab anything with your right hand- keep it in a blade. If the opponent rolls you, you can finish the choke during the roll.

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