Headlock escapes

Grab your own wrist and make a framed circle with your arms. Place the edge of your frame under opponent's jaw and use it to push hir head (and thus torso) up and back. Hip out away from hir back, and get on your side. (This is key; if you fail to hip out and turn on your side, you will not have enough range of motion to get the leg over the person's head.)  Use your topmost leg to comb over opponent's head and bring hir down. As hir arm sides off your neck, keep it for an armlock.

Throw your topmost leg over opponent's posted knee-up leg. You now have 1 hook of a back mount. Now get your matward elbow down and punch upward with the other arm, as you turn onto your belly. Get to your knees and try to retain opponent's arm (which is now twisted behind hir).

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