Opponent throws punch. You change level, scoot in and place hands on backs of opponent's thighs just above knees. Opponent turns and headlocks you (you are now both facing the same direction).

You place the hand nearest the opponent around hir waist. Place your other hand on the back of hir leg just below the knee. Step back and kneel with the leg on the "hug-the-waist" side to take opponent down. Immediately step one leg over hir, in front of her belly button. Your other knee scoots up behind hir head. Grab your own wrist and wedge your arm circle under opponent's jaw to pry off the headlock. Keep the arm. Move leg around, lie back and armbar.

Get opponent pushing into you, then turn and grab the head in your armpit. Then kick your leg straight and sit out instead of throw. You are kicking out with the leg on the SAME SIDE as the arm you're using to hug the head.  Getting the opponent to push into you is critical. Then you are bearing down hard on the head/neck as you kick out.

 Standup, one sleeve cuff grip and one lapel grip.

Step on opponent's hip on the same side that you have the sleeve cuff grip.

Drop onto back, swing free leg out wide, square up and place both feet on opponent's hips.

Let go of lapel and grab behind foe's ankle.

On CUFF GRIP side, take foot off hip and spider guard.

Pretend you're going to push opponent over backward.... but suddenly jerk hir arm across your own body and pull the ankle to make hir face plant instead.

Get up, KEEP ANKLE and push it ahead of you as you get up to avoid the closed guard.

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