You have butterfly guard. Sit up and get an underhook with your rt arm. Sink it deep enough that you will not be armbarred. Yet you don't want the lower half of your body right up against your partner. You should scoot your hip back a bit. Both knees are bent, the left leg lying on the mat and the rt knee up. Partner grabs your knee on the "down" leg.

Grab partner's bicep with your free hand and pull it in between you so that s/he can't post.

Now take your "down" leg and pull it under/behind you, turning your body hips-down on the mat. Lift with your retaining butterfly hook, but this should NOT involve loading the person on top of you or doing a lot of heavy lifting with that leg. Once swept, there are a variety of finishing positions possible (scarf seemed to be working nicely for me).

To defend this sweep: Stick your free leg out, and post on the mat with your forehead as the opponent tries to somersault you. DO NOT POST YOUR HEAD FIRST... foot and *then* head.

Back to contestant #1: When you see your opponent posting hir head and foot, make sure your knee is on the outside of hir hip. Scoot your body out and up just a bit, bring your matward arm up and out, and place it on the back of the opponent's head. Lift, push, somersault the person.

 Double sleeve cuff grips. Go to butterfly guard. Feet on hips. Shrimp out a bit, bring left leg around to "lasso" opponent's arm and hook toe behind bicep. Make sure your knee is bowed OUTWARD and not inward (or s/he will push it down and pass). Bring your other foot to that same side of opponent's torso and press the top of the foot to the ribs. GRAB THE PANTS AT THE KNEE on the side of the opponent that you have no feet. Push opponent; when s/he pushes back, load hir onto you and then shove hir off to the left. Keep that pants grip till you get opponent on hir back. Roll up to KOB.

From spider guard: Get sleeve cuff grips, get one standard spider guard foot-on-the-bicep, circle the other foot to the OUTSIDE and hook the toe very high on the back of opponent's bicep. Not quite in the armpit. Make sure all this is nice and snug. Opponent should not be able to move hir arms around. 

Although of course pushing the bicep-stepped foot to the ceiling to sweep is the standard, surprisingly you can do it either way. Many spider guard sweeps  sweep the opponent in a sideways cartwheeling motion. With this one, since the opponent has both feet free to move around and post, you really want to sweep hir either directly over your head or slightly diagonal- definitely aiming to face-plant hir somewhere above your shoulders.

Just keep everything tight, go down with one foot and up with the other, and bring your feet forward. If it doesn't work, edge your butt underneath hir more. As you sweep, you roll as well and come up on top.  The sweep will also work if the opponent is on one or both knees.

Like kung fu throws, you aren't going to just go up to someone who is standing there flat-footed and try to do this to them. If you're playing spider-guard and can get the guy to overbalance forward, or commit to a weight-forward attack, then you can do this sweep. One possibility: pulling your knees abruptly to your chest to overbalance the foe, then sweeping.  Make sure you're sufficiently underneath them first... and also take them by surprise.


"Old School sweep": You have bottom half guard. Get the underhook and shrug your shoulder up high as you dive into deep half. Have your other hand on your temple to defend the crossface.

With your matward hand, grab opponent's foot. Your other hand goes UNDER hir butt- not over it- and pass the foot to that hand. Your matward hand can now grab opponent's knee.

Change your legs around so that you can drive into the person and plow hir onto hir side while pulling hir leg toward you. DO NOT LET GO OF THE LEGS till you have side control or other good position!

If the opponent is posting so that you can't plow hir over, give a good push and wait for hir to push back, then pull hir into a roll right overtop of you to the other side. Likewise, do not let go of stuff. Make sure you have secured position first.

You have bottom deep half guard. top guy gets whizzer. You grip hir pantleg at the knee and push into hir; when s/he pushes back, pull hir overtop of you and sweep.

Ben's favorite:  you are in bottom half guard, in order to do this sweep, you have you have your body fairly flattened right UNDER the guy.  Ben's using a butterfly hook on the thigh just ABOVE the knee. You have to unwrap your legs from the half guard right as you go to sweep. He's sweeping off to the side as opposed to bringing the person overtop of him.


1)Del a Riva notes:
Keeping a locked elbow/rigid arm on the collar grip is important, especially if the collar grip is high and deep. A deeper collar grip can result in pulling the opponent right on top of you (which is suboptimal for this situation).

You can pull a leg under yourself in a tactical-lift-esqe motion to finish. You don't want to get caught in half guard or let the guy turn to you and curl up like a shrimp.

 Pay  attention to controlling the foot that you're hugging. Don't be sloppy with trapping it at the back with the "up-knee", and there is also much you can do with the leg that's on the mat to control that trapped foot. If the guy can pick up that foot and step out, you got nothin'.

2)Opponent stands up in your guard- the grab-the-backs-of-the-ankles attack. Pinch your knees together to prevent opponent from dropping back into your closed guard. tip your toes toward each other to prevent hir from backing out of your guard altogether. To get on top- pick a side and lean your torso over there. The opposite side shin goes BACK. Front mount.

Alternatively: instead of pushing one shin forward and the other back to go to front mount, you may fold both shins back on the same side to go to side control.

2nd alternative: technical lift.

3) Hook sweep: You sitting, opponent standing. You have 2 sleeve cuff grips and feet on hips. Switch to a cross-sleeve grip (ie, you grip opponent's left sleeve cuff with your left hand), grab behind opponent's left heel with the rt hand you just freed. Now hook your left toe behind hir rt heel. Push with the foot that you still have on hip, hook that heel out from under. Do not let go of either sleeve cuff or foot. Put your weight on your rt elbow, pull your rt leg under you so that you are belly-down, and stand up. Now you can control the opponent's leg and arm on that side, and go to KOB or side control.


You are in bottom side control. Use your foot to catch opponent's near ankle. S/he will likely switch to scarf. As s/he does this, you push hir cheek away, walk your hips/feet **WAY** out, lift your feet and catch the head, sit up. Now you are in scarf (on top!)

You are in bottom side control. Use the hand nearest the opponent to grab hir pants. Use your other elbow to push on the face. Crank opponent back as far as you can, then bridge violently and throw your feet over to the other side of hir body. Belly down. Now you are in top side control.


notes on pendulum sweep:

Pendulum sweep. Note that you can put your foot on opponent's knee and push it back. The foot that you are grabbing to "talk on the phone" with- try to capture it closer to the ankle than the knee. Also try to keep the leg until you are settled into mount.

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