Guard passes

Begin in closed guard, opponent has 1 cross lapel grip. You grab that sleeve cuff with your same side hand, and opponent's pants at the thigh with your other hand. Elbows in. Place one foot sole on mat- on the side that you have the sleeve grip, so that opponent can't grab your ankle. Turn your other shin out and use toes to stand up. At the same time, break the lapel grip by forcing oppnent's arm across hir own body.

Now: Stand fully, do not have legs too far apart. Switch your sleeve cuff grip to a cross grip. Use the other hand to push down on opponent's knee. As the knee goes to the mat, step out with that same side leg so that your ankle and the opponent's ankle are glued together. Now, kneel over opponent's thigh with the near (inside) knee, then put the other knee down in front of opponent's ankle. Side control.

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