MA technique list

Shaolin Forms:

Five Points Of the Star
Five Points Of the Star In the Mirror

Five Animals
Five Animals In the Mirror

Angry Snake Defends Its Lair

Leopard Fist
Leopard Fist In the Mirror

Long Qi

Sil Lum Tao

Snake vs Five Animals

Bung Bo Kuen
Bung Bo Kuen In the Mirror

Little Red Dragon
Little Red Dragon In the Mirror

Tiger vs Crane
Tiger Vs Crane In the Mirror

Black Crane 1
Black Crane 1 In the Mirror

Iron Needle

Leopard Three
Leopard Three In the Mirror

Mantis bo form

Frolic Of the Five Animals

Box Form

Silken Needle

Wood Monkey

Touch Bridge
Touch Bridge In the Mirror

Hurricane Hands

Kiu Two

Tai chi forms:
Laojia Yi Lu /Tai chi long open hands form

Chen Zhenglei 18 /Tai chi short open hands form

Chen Dou form

Yang 32 Jian/sword

Catherine Dao

Cannon Fist


Dance Of Life (Don Waterhawk)


Tiger kick drill

Tiger circular arm drill

Crane 1 (double eyestrike)

Crane 2 (eagle claw eyestrike with two circles)

Crane 3 (corkscrew punch)

Crane 4 (backfist to ground)

Crane 5 (throw to crouch)

Tiger 1 (scoop and claw)

Tiger 2 (two claws and groin slap)

Tiger 3 (low crane’s neck strike)

Tiger 4 (reap)

Tiger 5 (back kick)

Tiger 6 (circular wrist release)

Tiger 7 (against armored spearman)

Tiger 8 (with wrapping choke)

Tiger 9 (drop and side kick)

White Crane sequence from retreat Jan 10

Kiu One

Tiger 5-stance drill

Thai Mantis elbow drill

Wing Chun 6 hand position drill

Hung Gar conditioning drill

Modified Box form beginning- Craig's

Wing Chun conditioning drill

Kick drill (f,b,s,sh,h,r,b,i,o)

Kick drill (o,I,b,f,s,sh,h,r)

Bo square drill

Bo cross-body drill

Bo cross-body drill with double hand switch

Bo circular drill

Single-leg balance stance drill

Blade-hand lateral drill

Double stick drill- high

Double stick drill- low

Double stick drill- high and low combo

Dragon Plants the Seed

Rolls- front, back

Breakfalls- front, back, side

Stances- horse; front; cat; seven stars; forward; back; bow & arrow; black dragon ready and fallback stances; scissors; cross; dropping dragon; snake creeps down; hanging horse; black crane guard; mantis cat guard; wing chun guard; leopard guard 1 and 2; tiger guard; snake guard; T stance; lau ma; gung bo (mantis); white dragon ready, guard, and fighting stances

Throws- Shoulder throw, dropping shoulder throw, hip throw, major outer reap

Arm drag to take the back

Hand techniques- tiger straight punch (fingers up, fingers down, sideways), tiger claw rake (down, up, sideways), leopard fist jab (palm up, palm down, sideways, double parallel, double cross hand strike), leopard fist rake, straight punch, sun fist, dragon fist, phoenix eye fist, northern mantis fist, star-of-the-palm (fingers up, fingers down, sideways), palm heel strike (fingers up, fingers down, sideways), ridge hand (palm up, palm down), snake hand strike(s), mantis finger poke, mantis back-of-the-wrist strike, viper's tongue, Dragon’s tail, Twin dragons fighting toward the pearl (palm up, palm down), viper's bite, eagle claw, axe hand, knife hand (palm up, palm down, vertical), crane's wing, crane's neck, crane's beak, monkey slap, tiger's mouth, red dragon claw, hammer fist (palm down, palm up, vertical), back fist, circular back fist, arrow hand (palm down, palm up, sideways), spear hand (palm down, palm up, sideways), iron needle, willow palm, corkscrew punch, uppercut, crossed double blade hand strike, crossed double backfist hand scissoring strike, top fist, Monkey Offers the Cup (with thumbs, without)

Elbow strikes- fwd/up vertical, fwd horizontal, rear vertical, rear horizontal, side, raking down side, dropping elbow

Wing chun- wu sau, pak sau, tan sau, gaun sau, bon sau, lap sau

Kicks- front snap, front thrust, back, side, jumping side thrust, jumping snap, shovel, roundhouse, hook, inside crescent, outside crescent, flying crescent, spinning hook kick/Dragon Whips Its Tail, butterfly kicks (supported and unsupported)


Mantis forearm raise
Bend & squat, attacker's arm at top of thighs
Basic rollover arm lock at shoulder, hand on attacker's elbow
Wrist hold- bring hand to belly, wrap elbow over attacker's arm and lower stance
Back to opponent, arm over shoulder
Keylock on the ground
Armbar on the ground


Rear naked choke
Cross-lapel choke

scissor sweep
pendulum sweep

Overhead knife attack-
Parry & drive knife into attacker's own thigh, strike
Parry & strike
High cross block, strike
Parry, mantis hand to back of neck, attacker's face meets defender's knee
Crane cross-hand circular parry

Offline, parry, strike
Offline, grab gun and disarm by twisting up or around
Offline, cross strike, strike

Offline, parry barrel, forearm to throat, strike, wrench barrel around or downward, strike or takedown

Gun to the back or back of the head-
Turn offline & trap attacker's wrists under arm- strike
Turn offline and trap attacker's wrists at elbow by wrapping under- strike
Turn offline, parry gun and strike

Baseball bat/club etc-
Offline, parry & strike
Move in & strike during drawback or followthrough

Straight punch to head
Offline, parry and strike
Offline, mantis arm grab, strike
Offline, parry, crane neck and blade hand pull-apart strike
Crane wing deflect off little finger side of hand, strike
Crane circular double-arm parry to rear
Black crane crane’s neck parry & strike
Black crane palm-turning parry & strike

Straight punch to midsection-
Offline, parry & strike
Black crane single-arm circular rear parry (strike to kidney)
Black crane single-arm circular front parry (strike to stomach)
Dropping elbow

Double blade-hand block, blade strike to neck

High kick-
Offline, parry & strike
Move in & strike

Kick to midsection-
Crane cross-arm block
Elbow/leg lift block
Move in & strike
Dropping elbow

Roundhouse to midsection-
Black crane cross-arm block

Low kick-
Pick up foot
Dragon circular block-and-return

Rear choke-
Lower chin
Turn offline & trap attacker's wrists under arm, strike
"Lawnmower" elbow

Front choke-
Lower chin
One-armed "smoothing hair" with elbow strike
Double up-and-in circle clear, drive down
Double up and out circle clear between attacker's arms
Reach over to grab opposite hand, twist into arm lock

From Sil Lum Tao- double finger rake, press attacker's arms together, then straight up, double spear strike to eyes

Inside double eye poke (as in crane drill. for charging front choke)
Double strike to armpits, then double strike overwrap to neck
Arm straight up, then turn and overwrap opponent’s arms

Bear hug rear-
Knuckle grind to back of hand

Groin grab, drop stance, butt strike, stomp foot, shin rake, inner thigh pinch

"Lawnmower" elbow
"Angry chair"
Rear head butt to opponent’s nose

Lapel grab-
One-armed "smoothing hair" with elbow strike
Double up-and-in circle clear, drive down
Double up and out circle clear between attacker's arms
Reach over to grab opposite hand, twist into arm lock

Hair grab-
Direct strike to face
Brace, twist under attacker’s armpit to chicken wing lock
Brace, duck a bit, twist toward attacker to elbow/shoulder lock
Brace, kick groin, bow fwd

Single wrist grab-

Twist wrist, step back & pull free (grab own hand with other hand to support or not)

Direct strike to face
Wrist-twisting release (little finger side)
Knuckle dig to back of hand
Opposite-arm circle over with elbow strike
Cross-hand "wipe-off"
Trap hand, circle toward attacker (as in 5 Animal form)
Bend at knee, straight-arm up with Tiger’s mouth to opponent’s wrist

Double wrist grab-

Double upward out-to-in circling, slam knuckles together, yank down (as in leopard fist)

Double wrist twisting release (little finger side)
Yank fwd and knee to groin
Press outward, then cross arms quickly- elbow strike
Can opener
Bend at knee, straight-arm up with Tiger’s mouth to opponent’s wrists

Wrist grab behind back-
“Angry chair”

Hip escape

Hand on knee-
Knuckle dig to back of hand
Pull index & smallest fingers apart
Fold finger back on itself