Leg sub escapes; leg attacks


 If they have the leg pinned against the front of their body, You need to get your foot on the opponent's butt and use that to pry the leg out.

 If they have their legs in "triangle formation" on your leg, then once you get your knee beyond hir triangle-hold, all you have to do is stand up and turn around, and suddenly s/he is trapped in a constricting bottom half guard and trying to get away from *you*.

If they have your foot in their armpit, you need to thrust the heel forward as if you're setting a parking brake- not a huge movement, you don't have to sink the leg up to the crotch- but just enough that they're now holding the shin instead of the ankle.

Now, remove opponent's foot from your hip hip and hop your butt over it to the outside.  A lapel grip can also help.

Ankle lock: POST THE OPPOSITE HAND on the mat and fight the pinning knee with the other hand.  Once your trapped foot is on the floor, get on top and IMMEDIATELY move your entire body above opponent's chest level.  Do not try to defend by sticking your other foot right into opponent's ankle lock.




To perform the foot-in-the-armpit ankle lock:

Have the forearm oriented so that the ligament in the back of opponent's leg is grinding on the blade of your forearm. Slide it down enough so that you're seated in the "natural handle" at the back of the foot.

Place your foot (on the same side you have their leg trapped) on opponent's hip (on the outside), roll onto your side on THAT side, and arch back, looking over your shoulder (the one that is on the mat).

Remember to have the opponent's knee-in-question well-pinned between your own knees/thighs. Applying a pinch here was key.

Kneebar: Leg is hugged to torso (toes out) and your legs in a triangle-like formation just above the knee. Hip up.


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